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DUDSapparels approach is simple and effective.  We’ll listen carefully to understand your goals and initiatives. Then, we’ll offer creative, useful marketing products and services that maximize your brand exposure and generate a positive and lasting reaction from your target audience.  Our goal is to help you achieve the maximum return on your promotional marketing investment.  



Marketing Director: who is searching for new and unique ideas to increase brand awareness, reward client loyalty and maintain or create a professional corporate identity

School Administrator: who is searching for new funding opportunities and who also wants to build a stronger bond with their students’ parents and relatives

Sales Manager: who is looking for ideas to motivate your sales force, boost morale, reward achievements and increase sales

Small Business Owner: who thinks big and is looking for unique and creative ideas to promote and grow your business

Trade Show Planner: who has your demographic in sight and wants to hit the mark with targeted trade show promotions

Golf Tournament Planner: who wants to leave a lasting impression with perfect gift ideas and awards

Athletic Director/Coach: who wants to generate extra revenue to purchase new equipment, and who also wants to increase team spirit

Human Resources Manager: who values your employees and is looking for ideas to recognize personal achievements, milestones, new employees and recruits

Event Planner: who wants gift ideas and apparel for your company picnic, career fair, sales conference, etc.

Safety Coordinator: who wants to reward associates for safety milestones and wants to ensure that associates are equipped with proper safety apparel

Development Professional: who is searching for unique gift ideas that help achieve fundraising goals