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Let Us Design a Free Online Storefront for You!

If you’re part of a school group, sports league, intramural team, church group, fundraiser, school band, etc. - we’d love to help you sell your logoed merchandise.

In a nutshell, DUDSapparel wants to help you build revenue.

DUDSapparel will create an online storefront so you can sell your personalized products online.  Your website will be free of charge and well take care of everything for you.  We'll help you choose merchandise, set up the customization for each item, and well process the orders for you. Youll have all the benefits of our technology and well do all the work.  And, we’ll protect your brand standards.

Additionally, DUDSapparel will pay a rebate on all goods sold, which you can use anyway you see fit.  

We can’t wait to see all the support your new store front can bring!

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